Punjab Safe Cities Authority in collaboration with the Punjab Police Integrated Command, Control, and Communication Center has revealed the performance on the month of February 2019. The basic purpose of this monthly report has to measure the performance and ensure the security and protection of the citizens and this very helps full way to keep eye on the problems of the citizens.

The statistic report of month February shows that the Operation Monitoring Centre of PSCA came across 57,998 observations which include interception of 243 suspicious persons by Police Response Unite (PRU) and dolphin squad. The probing cases of a suspicious vehicle were also recorded and the report shows that 5593 cases were recorded by the authority. The CCTV surveillance cameras were also installed by the PSCA across and the provincial capital monitor these cameras constantly and never take a risk to miss any small thing happened on the road with citizens.

Punjab Safe City Authority has introduced the public safety app and this app is working very efficiently as compared to the previous month the productivity result against this app is better. Through this app channel 3 cars, 124 motorbike and 5 autorickshaws were recovered by this single app channel. Even 14 missing persons were recovered by this platform. In the month of February 366, 337 calls were received in the 15 Emergency Help Line, 212, 465 calls were considered prank and 35,329 were recorded as genuine issues of the public. According to the stats of this month 23,743 calls receive for the consulting service, information purpose and help from the City Traffic Police. More, the Media Monitoring Center of PSCA also plays a vital role to create awareness in the people about the traffic rules and start the different campaign for the maintaining of road discipline like e-challan to the traffic violators. On the other side, PPIC Centre has also served in processing to provide the Electronic Data Evidence Acquisition request, an initiative by the Punjab Police and it released data for 185 inexcusable crime cases. To resolve the public issue PSCA extended its services in 1305 rescue-bound and 5590 traffic queries and emergency call cases.

PSCA also working on to enhance the road safety awareness in the public and make them a disciplined driver. PSCA start different campaign and programs to introduce citizens about the rules of traffic and punishment for violators and all these steps were taken for the safety of the citizens and ensure that system is working for the public safety.