The vehicle is a necessary need for everyone and buys a brand new car is a dream of everyone. In Pakistan, the ratio of the imported car higher than the local cars but with the passage of time local automobile industry increase the production of cars and produce high-quality cars in Pakistan. This is a very good point for Pakistan automotive industry. No doubt imported vehicle also gives the benefit to the economy but the production of the car in the country is more beneficial. As we already write that last year 70 of cars sales is local cars. In Pakistan, the local cars manufacture industry is developed more than as compared to previous year it’s just because the government support to the local cars manufacture and give them facilities to produce more vehicle as to the market demand.

Now in Pakistan, 5 top class local cars manufacturer companies produce local cars with affordable price that everyone who has a dream to buy a brand new car can easily buy. Mention below the local manufacturer brand:



3)Regal Automobile

4)United Autos  




Toyota has the biggest name in the automotive industry worldwide and produces a trusted vehicle for its consumers. Toyota is a Japanese automotive brand but the distributors of Toyota company now produce the local vehicles in Pakistan and provide the best quality vehicle in Pakistan. Toyota is famous in the market because of the quality and features of its cars. Local cars by Toyota company available in the Pakistan market and the sales of the local cars by Toyota company is high in the market. The demand for Toyota vehicles is never down just because of the value of the vehicles. The price of local cars is lower than imported cars. In the last year, 2018 Toyota stopped the manufacture of local cars in Pakistan because of the earthquake Jolted Japan’s northernmost island, but because of the rising demand of Toyota vehicle company has the decision to restart the production of local vehicles in Pakistan. Currently, the company produces three types of vehicles in Pakistan, passengers cars, light commercial vehicle segment, and sports utility vehicles. Toyota Indus Motors is the sole manufacturer of Toyota company in Pakistan.


Honda is a Japan manufacture company they start to producing the local vehicle in Pakistan in 1992. Honda Atlas is the biggest local manufacture of Pakistan they produce motorbikes and vehicles in Pakistan. Honda produces quality vehicles in Pakistan according to the demand and technology. Honda city is the highest demand vehicle in Pakistan because of its features and new technology. Honda Atlas has the plan to expand its business in Pakistan because of high response. In 2018 Honda produce 400, 000 units in Pakistan and its show company have high worth in the local market. In the past record of the local production of the company is very good because, in 2016 company produce 300, 000 units in Pakistan and within the 2 years company increase its production of local cars by 400,000.

Regal Automobile

The regal automobile is a Chinese based company (DFSK group of chine). the company produces cars in Pakistan with advanced features. The company has high worth in Pakistan automotive market. The company produces motorbikes and cars in Pakistan and in both productions the company has a good reputation in the local market. Recently the company launched its first 800cc car in Pakistan with two variants manual and automatic. Regal Automobile is famous in the market for the production of light commercial vehicles and vans. Regal Automobile also has a high demand in the motorbikes industry by the name of the prince. The company has a plan to produce more vehicle in Pakistan to win the local market demand.

United Autos

United Autos is the largest brand of Pakistan to produce motorbikes in Pakistan and its Chinese based company. Recently United Autos entered in the production of vehicle production in Pakistan and launched its first car in Pakistan with 800cc engine power company also produce trucks in Pakistan. Recently the local car productions trend increase in Pakistan that’s why many of the automotive industries have start production of the vehicle in Pakistan. The current production of 800 car united bravo increases the demand of the market because the company offers advanced features and technology in this vehicle. The current version of united bravo is only available in manual version but the company has the plan to produce an automatic variant in the last of this year. The price range of cars and truck is not higher company offer a price with the range power of its consumer purchasing power.


Suzuki is one of the oldest Pakistan automotive brands. Because of the quality production of this brand, the demand for Suzuki vehicle will never down in the automotive market. The company produces the vehicle in Pakistan according to the demand of the market. The most famous vehicles of Suzuki in Pakistan is Suzuki Mehran and Suzuki Cultus. Recently the company have stop production of Mehran and introduces Suzuki Alto with 660cc engine power with two variants manual and automatic. Pak Suzuki also produces motorbikes in Pakistan. Pak Suzuki is the market leader of the automobile industry of Pakistan. Pak Suzuki produces these vehicles in Pakistan:


  • Suzuki Wagon R
  • Suzuki Cultus
  • Suzuki Swift
  • Suzuki Bolan
  • Suzuki Ravi
  • Suzuki Mega carry
  • Suzuki Mehran