The National Highway Authority pass the order that M-Tag registration is compulsory for all vehicles on M-1 and M-2 mandatory from May 2, 2019.

The major reason for this decision is the free flow of traffic on the entrance and exit point of M-1 and M-2. Moreover, according to a representative of the National Highways Authority confirmed that this is also applied to M-4 motorists as well.

The long lines of a vehicle at the entrance point of Lahore mostly in the Sunday evening give the tough time to the motorist to pay the toll bill and enter in the Lahore City and now they will be able to enter without stopping on toll plaza or follow the long lines.

M-tag is a prepaid RFID chip when the vehicle comes near to the toll plaza scanner placed at the toll plaza and it automatically scans the chip. Its automatically deduct the amount when you enter and exit from the toll plaza it’s mean now no need to stand in the line for paying a toll tax.

How to apply for the M-Tag

  • The office is located on Ravi and Babu Sabu both where issuing an M-Tag.
  • Documents required for getting M-Tag: Original CNIC, valid driver license, vehicle registration book etc.
  • Pay the amount to charge your M-Tag
  • It is compulsory to number plate on your vehicle without number plate M-Tag does not issue even for those who applied for number Plat.
  • Must be paid all e-challan fines without this you are not able to get M-Tag.

How to recharge the M-Tag Chip

  • The process to recharge your M-Tag is very easy you can transfer the amount through your bank account. You can also deposit the payment through easy paisa and jazz cash at a big outlet such as hyper star and metro etc.
  • There is no expiry date for balance you can use whatever you want.
  • FWO has made a smart app where you can check your balance through the app.

Moreover, the National Highways Authority introduces this service to facilitate the public and save them from long lines.