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Mazda Car Maker

About Mazda

Mazda Motors Corporation is a Japanese multinational automaker. It is one of the most prominent Japanese car manufacturers besides Toyota, Honda and Nissan. Mazda is one of the largest makers of cars, SUVs and personal transportation vehicles and undoubtedly one of the greatest auto-exporters in the world. Mazda was established in Hiroshima in 1920, however it was not said Mazda at that time; it was called as Toyo Cork Kogyo Ltd. Mazda has the merit of manufacturing the highest number of cars in Japan, as a proportion of its whole production. Even though at present, Ford Motor Co. holds Mazda shares, it is essentially a publicly traded company and functions autonomously and is accountable only to its shareholders.


In 1920, Jujiro Matsuda forms Toyo Cork Kogyo in Hiroshima, Japan and only after a decade, the company manufactures its initial automobile and ultimately alters its name to Mazda.In 1931, the company unveiled the Mazda-Go. In the 1950s, Mazda started manufacturing small, four-wheel trucks. The company revealed its first passenger car, the R360 Coupe, in 1960 in Japan. Mazda unveiled the first rotary engine car, the Cosmo Sport 110S, seven years later. In 1989 Mazda revealed the MX-5 Miata.

Nevertheless, Mazda Underwent an economic slump in Japan in the 1990s and in 1996, Ford took over a controlling stake in the automaker and saved it from possible bankruptcy. In 2009, Mazda celebrated the 20th anniversary of the MX-5 Miata that had won approximately 180 main automotive awards.

Techonology And Performance

Mazda developed numerous engines counting the V-Twin, Straight 4, V6 and Piston engines. The most noteworthy is the Wankel rotary engine that converts pressure into rotating motio. This engine is the heart of a few of the world’s best sports cars.Skyactiv technology is used by the automotive company that can be seen in the 2014 Mazda 3, the Mazda 6, andthe Mazda CX-5. This hybrid technology increases fuel efficiency, perks up automatic transmission and electric power steering, and lessens emission levels therefore improving both fuel efficiency and optimum performance.

ITS  (Intelligent Transport Systems)reduces traffic accidents and congestion by receiving and transmitting information on humans, roads, and automobiles with the help of telecommunication technologies. Since 1991, Mazda has been practically sustaining the ITS project as an automotive manufacturer. Mazda assists driver’s drive safely by presenting an ideal driving environment and stable handling. Active Safety Technology helps in preventing accidents. Pre-Crash Safety Technology Reduces the risk of an accident. The next-generation human-machine interface Mazda Connect* assists in making the driving a more pleasurable experience by equipping the car with the utilities of a communication tool, at the same time also guaranteeing a safe driving environment.

Mazda In Pakistan

The first two Japanese automobile manufacturers to approach Pakistani market in early 70s were Mazda & Toyota .From the family of Mazda, Mazda 1300 & Mazda 1500 were the first Japanese Cars to make space for itself in Pakistan.

Popular Mazda Cars

All time popular Mazda cars are :MAZDA MX-5 RF , MAZDA MX-5 , MAZDA2 , MAZDA3 , MAZDA5, MAZDA6, MAZDA CX-3 , MAZDA CX-5 , MAZDA CX-5 , MAZDA CX-9 , MAZDA BT-50 ,MX-5(1989), Cosmo(1975), Savanna(1971),

5 Popular Models of Mazda in Pakistan

The 5 Popular Models of Mazda in Pakistan Mazda Carol, Mazda Familia, Mazda RX-8,Mazda AZ Wagon, Mazda Scrum. Other well-known Mazda car models in Pakistan are: Mazda Flair, Axela, Mazda BT-50 and Mazda 323

Availability of Mazda Cars in Pakistan

Mazda cars are readily available in big Pakistani cities and have been a part of the Pakistani motor landscape for decades now. Since the rebranding drive launched by Mazda in 2002, Mazda vehicles especially the new design Mazda 2 and Mazda CX-5 have become omnipresent in Pakistan.

Final Statement

Mazda is well- known for its affordability and quality-performance vehicles. Mazda presents all the safety, reliability, high performance and latest technology to the persons inside the cabin.