The new and latest launched Ariel Atom 4 has been just taken out to be the price of performance. This new amazing Ariel Atom has been finished away with the features of the 320-hp engine, and significant revisions throughout the car as you can now get 2.8-seconds-to-60 mph (96.5 km/h) performance for the sake of cost as around US$53,000. There are so many features that would make you fall in love with this fantastic car right now. It has been all carried out to be massive fast in the cheep flapping of the acceleration. It has been put together with the open top of the overgrown designing.

New Ariel Atom 4 Prepares To Slaughter Cars 10 Times Its Price





We will, first of all, we start with the engine. It is delivering out with the 2.0-liter, 4-cylinder turbo that hence gains a thoroughly unnecessary ten horses just as over the previous model to a peak of 320 hp (239 kW). But the main attraction has been the torque that is around the 420 Nm (310 lb-ft) that is to be flatly terrifying 75 percent leap up just as from the naturally aspirated Atom 3.5’s 229 Nm (169 lb-ft). It would often enable out with the even more extensive range of opportunities to test the adhesion of any road-legal tire you could put on with. It has been all housing with the new bronze-welded chassis as which keeps the familiar exoskeletal shape of previous Atom bodies. It is also offering out with the emergence of the 15 percent extra torsional stiffness all along with the improved interior space, leg room, and crash protection.

It is all made attractive through the redesigning of the steering rack that has been adding with the extra turning lock and improved road usability and ease of parking. At the same time, you can also choose to specify an extra quick steering rack as you will be planning away with most of your miles on the racetrack. The wheels have been put into the 16- and 17-inch front and rear rims, just as respectively, all the more taking 195/50R16 and 255/40ZR17 Avon ZZR tires as OEM. Regarding handling away with some of the extra power and strength, the brakes have been all upgraded with the 278 mm 2-piston vented fronts, and 253 mm rears. There is also the upgrading of the 290 mm AP Racing discs all round all set with alloy 4-piston calipers. You can also choose one with the option as to dial in the cockpit that lets you adjust brake bias just as between the front and rear wheels for fine tuning.



You will also be witnessing away with the rollover protection hoop that is to be all invisible under a cowl that covers the central air intake next to the driver’s head. It is also installed on with the “aero screen” abruptly as it forces air up over the driver’s head all the way helping to minimize helmet lift and so as the channel air toward that center intake.