Audi has come up with the announcement of the second generation for the little A1 that will become available in the United Kingdom in November. The entirely and much a fantastic redesigned A1 Sportback is longer and more loaded with the means of technology that was the previous-gen of the car. It also added on with some of the incredible views of the new exterior and interior design.

New Audi A1 Sportback Gets Bigger, More Tech-Advanced

The Audi A1 Sportback has been all gained about 56 mm (2.2 inches) in length, that is all putting it at just over 4 m (13.1 ft) without obtaining any width or height. This would be giving the whole look of the car to be much low. But the newly-redesigned exterior gives it a more forward-tilted appearance as well. Body shaping hence gives out with the rear a wedge shape, that has remained out to be the squared as a hatchback. The A1 Sportback is a beautiful and best with its coverage of designing.

Talk About Features of Audi A1:

  • It has been all powered with the turbocharged TFSI petrol engines as with no diesel offered. There will be the set up of the 94bhp 1.0-litre three-pot and also with the 1.5-litre and 2.0-litre four-cylinder units offering up to 197bhp.
  • It has been instead installed with the access of the six-speed manual gearbox is standard, by means with a seven-speed S Tronic automatic ‘box optional.
  • The most potent setting of the 197bhp model, the 40 TFSI, gets on with a six-speed S tronic transmission as standard.
  • It has been rather offered on with the natural gas engine in mainland Europe.
  • It can be on the whole specified with optional adaptive damping, and top models are specifically offered with firmer sports suspension. The car has been getting on with the 10.25 as in all-digital instrument cluster and a multi-function steering wheel. Except for the category of entry-level model, A1s come in the medium of the center console touchscreen of 8.8in or with the 10.1in.
  • These MMI systems are featuring out with the touch-operated handwriting recognition technology.
  • There has also been the coverage of the more advanced voice control technology. It would make you feature an internet-connected location search, adding on with the Google’s search engine or Google Maps. With the MMI Plus package, there will be access to the live traffic updates.
  • Apart from all such features, it comes with a raft of driver assist features, such as the pre-sense radar-based technology that can recognize cars, as well as cyclists and pedestrians. The same set up of the radar technology hence enables the adaptive speed cruise control that works at up to 124mph and can bring the car to a stop. The vehicle is also accessible in the range of the reversing camera, plus the parking sensors and an automatic parking system.

Audi A1 will be all set to be launched across the globe in November 2018. Its designing and incredible features will force you to be the first to drive into this car. Are you ready for it?