A year ago, Government of Pakistan delivered two new SROs i.e SRO 1035(1)/2017 and SRO 1067(1)/2017. These SROs made turmoil and disarray in the nearby car advertise.

As specified by my understanding of SRO 1035(1)/2017, the administrative import responsibility in vehicles, having motor limit over 1800cc, was overhauled from 60 percent to 80 percent. As per them and many different examiners, the administration has not just extended the administrative import obligation on autos that have motor limit over 1800cc but  for vehicles in the vicinity of 801 and 1500cc.

Audi and BMW Pakistan have opposed SRO 1035(1)/2017. Similarly, Porsche contended that the SRO is entirely invalid in both letter and soul and is in addition hurting and harming the business. BMW and Audi Pakistan have documented a case in Sindh High Court while Porsche Pakistan in Lahore High Court. The choice looking into the issue is still pending. As showed by a representative of Porsche Pakistan, if they win the case in the court, all the administrative import obligation which they would pay under new SRO should be repaid to them.

Moving onwards, Government should draw in with new auto transporters and resolve the issue outside court. All the concerned gatherings should think about the neighborhood buyers who are confronting issues because of this progressing tussle and need to pay the additional cash which the administration has forced as obligation. Government and new auto merchants should come to normal terms and offer help to the customers.

Currently going to the second SRO 1067(1)/2017, which made more buzz nearly. As indicated by the legislature, the motivation to issue this SRO is to decrease the exchange shortage of the nation by constraining the import of utilized autos under stuff, blessing and exchange of home plan. The plans were made to give a moan of alleviation to Pakistanis living abroad not for business purposes, the administration affirmed.

As per one of SRO’s condition:

“In the event of import of vehicle under stuff, exchange of living arrangement or blessing plans, the settlement for installment of obligations and charges ought to start from the record of Pakistani national sending the vehicle from to another country.” A year ago Pakistanis imported 65,723 units of autos and minivans, which is 70 percent expansion in import on the off chance that we think about the import figure of 2017 and 2016. In addition, imported SUVs and Pickups likewise observed 59 percent and 9 percent expansion in 2017, which is additionally bewildering figure. It was likewise revealed that because of over the top import nearby vehicle industry saw an income loss of PKR 23bn a year ago.

After the SRO was issued, the used car importer harshly criticised the government and said that this policy of government would annihilate our businesses and thousands of people will lose their jobs. Moreover, import of used cars will shut down entirely in 2018. Additionally, they also threatened the government to take back the policy or face the country-wide strike. According to the importers, the government is generating a lot of revenue from the tax and other duty paid by the importers, so this will result in their loss as well.The chairman of APDMA HM Shahzad alleged government for siding with the local automakers and also said that halting the import of used car will not benefit the consumers.To counter all these allegations on government, the commerce secretary Younus Dagha said that government was not only trying to stop the import of used cars but to shut it down completely. “We want to discourage unnecessary imports at this time to curtail the growing trade deficit.”

The step taken by the government is encouraging but its too early; the authority should do something to control the shortage of cars in the country. At the moment, car penetration stands at as low as 13 vehicles per 1000 persons, delivery timings are huge, and menace of the premium is also prevailing strongly. So, people have no choice but to import used cars and that is also the reason Pakistan is primarily a used car market.

the local carmakers Pak Suzuki, Honda and IMC jacked up the prices of their vehicles After the government issued SRO. The reason they mentioned was the devaluation of money; however, the percentage at which they raise the prices are not justifiable at all. In my opinion, they want to take full advantage of the slowly diminishing used car import. They are just exploiting the consumers under the disguise of the devaluation of Rupee.

Moreover, not only the prices but the premium on locally manufactured vehicles have surged, and now they stand at all-time high.

The people who are facing problems in all this commotion are consumers, no one else. The government should put pressure on the local car manufacturers to increase their production and accessibility of cars. But, putting pressure on the locally used car traders to their limits is not good rule at all. New automakers are also coming in the country, but it is very soon for them to start manufacturing automobiles and expand the market.

It is to be noted here that FBR excused car imports between December 4, 2017-January 9, 2018. FBR and people involved in used car import should plan a strategy such as new customs duty, regulatory import duty and new rules and regulations for importing a vehicle in the country.