There is a piece of good news for the non-filers in the new mini-budget presented on 23rd January 2019. The government has decided to lift the ban from the non-filers to purchase the car and give them a relaxation to purchase a car up to 1300 cc.

Previous government has banned non-filer to purchase a car. But the new government give them a relaxation now non-filer purchase up to 1300 cc cars. Finance minister of Pakistan Asad Umer who presents the mini-budget also clear that non-filer can only purchase a local assemble car upto1300 cc which will help the economy grow even further.

The new government lift this banned from non-filer to purchase a car just because to give them relaxation to purchase a 1300 cc cars and only allow them to purchase a local assemble cars to grow up the economy because it is beneficial for the government that people are purchasing a local assemble cars that is helpful for the economy.