Petrol is necessary for cars; it’s their life. However, lately local oil market overturned when one of country’s leading automaker Honda filed a complaint in which it was stated that oil companies had added high manganese level in the petrol to boost up its RON (Research Octane Number). For days the war between Honda and Oil companies continued, however it appears that all this is going to end as OGRA, as per a local media outlet, might suspend the license of oil companies that are involved in selling bad petrol.

OGRA with the suspension may also be charging the companies with a heavy penalty. Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority has acknowledged the report from the committee which is questioning the sale of lousy petrol being sold by the companies.

And as per the information, the committee got gasoline samples from petrol pumps and sent them to the Hydrocarbon Development Institute of Pakistan for testing and detection to check whether the objection filed by Honda on the subject of the content of Manganese is true or not. The authority will act as to the suggestion of the committee.

The scenario is of immense worry not only for the car but also for the general public. The manganese particles expel into the air when breathe in by humans, become the source of respiratory disease and can also damage the brain. Various environmental agencies have affirmed manganese as a malicious and hazardous air pollutant. Coming to the  cars, manganese-based additives are harming engine components plus the emission system and severely hurt the entire performance of the vehicle.