Once again, Kia cars are spotted testing on roads of Pakistan and it’s not the first time Korean cars have been clicked. Kia, Korean automaker is working in collaboration with Yunus Brothers to launch the car in the local automaker industry. It is good to suppose that with the new entrants, the local car market will get diversified and will be providing more choices to consumers to pick and select from.

Have a look at the rear facade as well.

These photos were revolving on social media platforms, and cars are greatly different from one another when it comes to the size and exterior facade design. Nevertheless, one can certainly say that from the design outlook, the cars looks amazing.

The following cars have been spotted:

  1. Kia Rio 2018 Hatchback

  2. Kia Sportage 2018

  3. Kia Carnival 2018 MPV

As one can envision from the names, the company is going to launch the diversified vehicles starting from hatchback to MPV in Pakistani automobile market. Simply time will be the judge on how much achievement the company have made.

Mostly the pictures are taken from the back, however all the badges of cars have been covered so that no one spots them out. We are familiar that Kia is hiring locals to run its show and to produce a noteworthy wave in the auto industry.With the Kia cars upcoming to Pakistani roads, the fever in the local market will predictably rise.

It is to be mentioned here that all the cars given above are operational with different transmission and engine choices. Nevertheless, if we gaze in circumstance to Pakistani market, we generally don’t get larger displacement engines here owing to high taxes on engines with high capacity. So we speculate that the cars will come with smallest engines alternatives. However, it is also likely that company might release cars with high engine capacity and create a boom in the auto market. Until then ,Let’s just wait and watch.

Our forecast on the subject of the engines in Kia Rio with either be having a 1000cc or a 1200cc engine and coming to the Sportage,it will be having a 1600cc engine, and Carnival minivan will come operational with a 2200cc diesel engine.