Pak Suzuki is constantly bringing a rise into their market vehicle rates. It is therefore reported that for third time in the year, Pak Company Suzuki come about with amazing rise into their vehicles. It is reported around that this company even bring about over the high rise to the Rs. 50,000 to the price range of about Rs. 80,000 per unit since the month of January 2018. This is probably has been for the third time that the company has bring about the rise in the market prices. It is thus it is disappointing its valued customers for sure. Previously, such news stories was expected to be listen around from the companies like Honda and Toyota. But Suzuki is seem like making some hard efforts in getting into competition with these two companies by raising their market prices. The news prices notification will be implemented right over 1st June 2018.

Pak Suzuki Increases The Prices Of Their Vehicles For Third time In Year

How Pak Suzuki Increases their Vehicle Prices?

Now you would be thinking about the different set of vehicles whose market rates are being raised up. Well right through the list we will be bringing the name of Mehran VX! Mehran VX vehicle is all set inside the value to raise up from Rs. 30,000 over the cost of the Rs. 739,000. But ever since the beginning of 2018, the price has gone high up to the value of about Rs. 50, 000. Over the same way market cost of the vehicle, Mehran VXR has increased around the Rs. 33,000 to the cost of around Rs. 795,000. It means that the price has jumped to the level of around Rs. 53000 as per unit since the beginning month of the year.

What is Latest Market Cost of Amazing Cultus VXR by Pak Company Suzuki?

Now let’s talk about Cultus VXR! Cultus VXR has reached within the market value as about Rs. 30, 000 as in the range of about Rs. 1, 300, 000. Since month the January, it has reached at the value of around Rs. 50, 000. On the contrary side, the variants in the category of Swift DLX as well as Swift DX has been put together within the high amount of about Rs. 60,000. Right into this category each one they have reached the market cost of around Rs. 1,435,000 and also the Rs. 1,571,000 respectively since January 2018. The market cost of Wagon R VXL has reached the cost of Rs. 80, 000 at the cost of Rs. 1,194,000.

Well arranging all the facts, such a high increase in market prices, this would the negative impact on the reputation of the Pak Suzuki for sure. It might be possible that their customer value gets reduced. What do you think?