One of the most much-trumpeted Peshawar Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) has been taken out to be much further delayed and the new time of project completion will hence either be November or December later this year. This new deadline has been all unveiled out by the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (K-P) Finance Minister Abdur Rauf Khan in a press briefing held at the civil secretariat. At the time of questioning in the category of the cost escalation of the Peshawar BRT, he did dodge the question saying the ‘project was very complicated”. He did add in one of the statements that: “They (project designers and executors) have complicated the project. It will be quick if they manage to complete the project by December”. Hence the K-P government started the project in October last year all along with the former chief minister Pervez Khattak claiming that the project would be completed within six months.

Peshawar Bus Rapid Transit Launch Is Delayed Till Year End


The first deadline that has been all set as for the completion was April 20 which was extended to May 20. The then Project Director BRT and Director General of Peshawar Development Authority Israrul Haq even told the media that the civil work would be completed by June 20 which to has been unachievable.

What to know About Peshawar Bus Rapid Launch?

As related with the cost escalation of the project, K-P finance secretary Shakeel Qadir Khan has even accompanied the finance minister said that the revised PC-1, sent to the planning commission for approval. It is to be mentioned the total cost to be around Rs68.7 billion. It was also added that the startup cost of the project was Rs56 billion in PC-1, but the planning commission had often approved its price at Rs49 billion dropping over.

The supervisor did state that the project was supposed to be included in the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CEPC) and the customs duty and also the taxes on the buses and so as the other items. The project was not featured on with the CPEC due to which the customs duties and taxes are to be paid. Hence the land purchase also increased the cost and so as the change in dollar rates increased the material costs thus affecting the project cost.

For the project, they did send a revised PC-1 to the planning commission for approval that would cost around Rs 68.7 billion. The initial cost of the project was talked about to be Rs 56 billion, but the commission only approved on with the loss of Rs 49 billion. Moreover, it is to be added that the project was hence supposed to be built under China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

Apart from the BRT being delayed, Lahore Orange Line Metro Line Project has also been suspended. The construction into this project started back in 2015, and hence the 27-kilometer rail line was decided to be functional by the mid of the year 2017. But it did get delayed due to the legal spat over harming the cultural heritage sites.