Rawalpindi starts a rule for the motorcycle driver who did not wear the helmet will not purchase petrol for motorbike. Now the district administration of Rawalpindi started a rule “No Helmet No Petrol “ on all petrol pumps in the city. The main purpose for starting this rule is to promote the government campaign about helmet wearing is compulsory for the motorcyclists.

Lahore High Court has passed strict order to the petrol pump to ban selling petrol on the motorcyclist not wearing a helmet. The main purpose that the government forced the authorities to take strict action for helmet wearing is just to better the system and trying to control road accidents.

Moreover, the government starts a different campaign to set up the proper traffic rules and force citizens to follow the traffic rules if they don’t want to pay fine.to impose the fine on rule violating is just to promote this culture in people to don’t violate the law and keep maintain the discipline in the country