The increase in pollution and fight for the reducing import of oil in the country Prime Minister Imran Khan have the plan to introduce electric vehicles in Pakistan. According to the details the government have the plan to move 30% of the automobile industry in electric vehicles. This meeting was held on 17 May 2019 on climate change chaired by PM Imran Khan. The government has the aim to set up electric car plants in the country to fight with pollution and other environmental issues.
The government has a positive plan for this aim of working on electric cars technology. The adviser to Prime Minister Malik Amin explains that this new change will improve the environment and help to reduce the oil import. He also said that the government has the plan to convert the 30% of automobile industry of Pakistan convert into producing electric vehicles.
Moreover, in this meeting, the government also discuss the other environmental issues of the country like the plan to plant trees in the country.
The producing of electric vehicles will also increase the value of the automobile industry of the country because most of the countries also produce an electric vehicle for resolving environmental issues.

This new plan will reduce the oil import in the country which cost is Rs. 2 billion. the smoke of the vehicle is the main reason of pollution and heavily affect to the health the main reason behind the production of electric vehicles in the country is to promote the Prime Ministers plan “Clean Green Pakistan”.