Regal Automobile and DFSK Group of China has finally launched Prince Pearl 2019. prince pearl reaches Lahore for a test drive and ready for launch. After the stop production Suzuki Mehran, many of the automakers produce small cars with latest features.

Regal Automobile sent the car for a test drive if any difficulty with drive company will be resolved before the launching.

Prince Pearl Hatchback Car Reaches Lahore and Ready For

Prince Pearl Rex7 has come with the latest features and functionality that we have never seen in the local manufacture cars for a long time. Company is fully confident that they are providing a modern car for the people and compete with their competitors. The biggest competitors of Prince Pearl is United Bravo 800cc and Suzuki Alto 660cc.

Prince Pearl is a local manufacture car but the company uses advanced features in this car to win the market.

Today this hatchback will hit the road and very soon the company will launch this car after the complete satisfaction about the safety and drive of this car.

Prince pearl has surprising features for its users and easily reached the purchasing power of consumer the price of the prince is around 7 to 7.5 lac.

The expectation about this car it must win the automobile market of Pakistan and will be on high demand because after the discontinuation of Suzuki Mehran many of the companies produce economic and compact hatchback for customers and prince pearl is available in the economical rate.

Prince Pearl Hatchback Car Reaches Lahore and Ready For