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PSA Peugeot Citroen DS Automobiles

About DS Automobiles

DS is a French brand having its headquarters in Paris. It works with the aim of exemplifying French luxury savoir-faire in its cars. Driven by its exceptional legacy and ultramodern spirit, DS brings about the values of novelty and peculiarity of the first DS, launched in 1955.DS Automobiles is the premium brand of Groupe PSA. In the early 2009 ,The DS marque was firstly made known by Citroën as a premium sub-brand that was incorporated to certain models having a DS as an abbreviation of  Distinctive Series in order to run in corresponding to its mainstream cars. The name is also a play on words for the reason that in French it is pronounced as the word déesse that means goddess. Since 2015 the Citroën branding has been omitted from the DS line models and DS has sustained as an impartial premium brand developed and separated from Citroen. 


PSA initially contained three automobile brands, Peugeot, Citroën and Talbot but Talbot was soon dropped. These all were not premium brands. The original Citroën DS is a unique design that’s why it was determined to build on that heritage. DS3 in early 2010,The DS line up was commenced ,the Citroën DS3 was a small car .The second most competent was the supermini Citroën DS3 1.6 e-HDi 115.The Citroën DS3 became the most sold premium subcompact car in 2013.It has at that time 40% of these market shares in Europe, authenticating the business model of this product development.The DS series is extremely associated to Citroën as the DS4 which was unveiled in 2010.The car was actually based on the concept car of the 2008 Citroën Hypnos and the DS5.The next car that as released in 2011 was based on the concept car of 2005 Citroën C-SportLounge. 

Technology And Performance 

Every DS has been designed in such a way that you can be connected to the car. This allows you to be as in touch as you want, anywhere around the globe. Mirror Screen allows the 7-inch touchscreen in DS to impersonate the content of your smartphones. The DS Connect Box is a set of features intended to make life with your DS as feasible as it can be. It will call for support automatically if it sense you have been in a crash therefore informing the rescuers to come by your location. DS vehicles have cutting edge of efficiency. DS sets up innovative technologies to trim down the environmental impact of its vehicles and perk up their performance. DS proves to be the European leader in the quest to cut carbon emissions and downsizing petrol engines and new-generation diesel engines. The Group carries on developing plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles. DS developing up to date hybrid technologies in the type of the Hybrid4, Hybrid Eco, Hybrid Air and Plug-in Hybrid. Each of these innovations assist in ensuring a clean driving experience.PSA Peugeot-Citroën also showed new cabin technology with personalized alerts to direct the well being of drivers. 

Popular Models 

The current lineup of DS vehicles are the DS 3,DS 4,DS 4S,DS 5,DS 5LS,DS 6 and DS 7 Crossback. 


DS is a consistent premium brand that provides the best of luxury,latest technology and design .Cars with revolutionary engineering, comfort providing, a good performance, fuel efficiency and reliability.