Punjab Excise Department is all geared up to replace registration books with new smart cards. Earlier, it was make known that smart cards for vehicle registration will be issued in November 2017. Nevertheless, it was delayed because of unknown reasons. As per to the latest reports, these smart cards will be issued in March this year.

Smart Cards

Punjab government is aspiring to digitize the procedure of vehicle registration through this move. It will have additional benefits over the registration books including its reduced size.

These smart cards will be having the size of a normal identity card contrasting from registration books which are for all time awkward to carry. As per to the Director of General Excise Department, all processes necessary for implementation of this technology have been completed. Furthermore, authorities will not force anyone to substitute their registration books with the smart cards. It will be up to the owner to benefit from the technology or not.


The cost of benefiting from this smart card will be Rs 500.If an owner wants a smart card they can get it by merely visiting an excise office and paying the fee. Smart card will also have a chip that will demonstrate its previous status.

Other features which are incorporated in the smart card are:

  1. Vehicle owners name
  2. CNIC/Passport Details
  3. Chassis number
  4. Registration number
  5. Date of Registration
  6. Engine Number
  7. Previous registration
  8. Token tax expiry date
  9. Number of Cylinder
  10. Type of body
  11. Color of vehicle
  12. Maker’s Name
  13. Class of vehicle
  14. Unladen weight
  15. Reg. Laden wight
  16. Tyre size
    • Front axle
    • Rear axle
    • Other axle
  17. Year of manufacturing
  18. Seating capacity
  19. Horse power/CC
  20. Assessed Annual Tax of RS

The system to replace registration books with smart cards was made known to public two years back.

In July, 2017, the provincial government invited bids to finally implement the process but it was delayed again. Hopefully this time around, the implementation of these cards will start from Lahore.