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Renault Nissan Datsun

About Datsun

In 1933,Datsun was taken over by Nissan Motor Co. and the initial plans were to manufacture a massive amount of small vehicles under the brand name Datsun to cope up with the requirements of emerging markets. The company debuted its first vehicle in 1935. The models were exported to countries counting Australia as well. Datsun cars were a representation of modern industrialization in Japan which was also shored up by its slogan at that time.


The company grew up as the signs of war grew more apparent in order to present military vehicles and other military related automatic machinery to assist the war and offer an edge to the country. Following the war, the factory facility remained engaged and the production process came to a stop for more than a decade. Afterwards, they recommenced their production and had to join hands with Austin Motor Co. of the British. The manufacturing was enhanced and popular Datsun car models for example the 1959 Datsun Bluebird and 1960 Datsun Cedric were debuted.

Techonology And Design

Datsun has played a pioneering role in a lot of fields of sophisticated automobile technology and lived up to its reputation for excellence in engineering. It has manufactured a broad range of weight reducing materials and engine management systems for controlling combustion.

Popular Cars In Pakistan

The most popular car produced by the Nissan-Datsun venture was the 1966 Sunny that made its entry to the 21st century. In Pakistan, Datsun 120Y, Datsun Bluebird and the Datsun Cedric were most well-liked for their steadfastness and low maintenance costs. Some of the iconic sports cars of history comprised of  the popular Datsun Fairlady, also said as the Datsun 240Z. Datsun cars in Pakistan were very limited owing to the fact the the Datsun venture of Nissan was discharged in 1986 by the Nissan Motor Co. as there was no call for a separate venture making same cars where Nissan itself was establishing  to be very gainful for the company. Nevertheless, in 2013, the Datsun has been revitalized with all new Datsun car models for example the Datsun Go, Datsun Go+. Datsun on-DO and the Datsun mi-DO. The new model line-up has been initiated to cope with the emerging markets of growing economies of the world because a low-cost brand to accomplish the requirement of quality and budget vehicles for the middle class. We certainly look forward to the influx of Datsun in Pakistan with lower price tags.

Current Datsun Models

The Current Datsun Models are : Datsun Go (2013–present),Datsun Go+ (2013–present),Datsun on-Do (2014–present),Datsun mi-Do (2015–present),Datsun redi-Go (2016–present),Datsun on-Do (2014–present),Datsun Go Cross (2017 -present).

Final Statement

Datsun has been strong-minded to keep up with the swift technological advances in the automobile industry, so their cars are technically innovative. Datsun cars are very reliable and can be driven on all types of terrains. Every Datsun car is designed to offer excellent fuel economy. Datsun cars are rationally priced and also have a good resale value.