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Renault Nissan Infiniti

About Infiniti

Infiniti is the Nissan’s luxury vehicle division. The brand started selling its vehicles officially on November 8, 1989 in North America. The Infiniti marque is basically not used in Japan.The majority of the Infiniti models have direct correspondents in the Japanese market in Nissan lineup. Infiniti shifted its headquarters in 2012 from Yokohama and after that it integrated in Hong Kong as Infiniti Global Limited. Infiniti did not present a mid-luxury sedan to match the first Japanese luxury sedan introduced to North America, the Acura Legend, which was afterward collaborated by the Lexus GS.At First, an entry-level luxury segment was put forward by Infinity as the Infiniti J30, which had to contend with the altered 1992 Lexus ES .It became unsuccessful because of its diminutive interior and odd styling to which it was aftarwards dominated in 1996 by the Infiniti Iseries, connected to the Nissan Maxima. 

Technology And Performance 

Infinity cars have the world’s first technology; the accessible Backup Collision Intervention (BCI) system which is a noteworthy evolution in driving confidence.BCI automatically engages the brakes to help avoid a collision. One more world’s first technology from INFINITI, the accessible Blind Spot Warning (BSW) and Blind Spot Intervention® (BSI) systems assist in alerting the driver to the vehicles in the blind spot area when driving. A new Forward Emergency Braking which has a Pedestrian Detection system, this not only alone measures the distance among the driver and the vehicle in front of him/her but also the swiftness of both vehicles too.It now in addition may lend a hand to detect pedestrians, serving the driver to identify a potential collision. The is effective by providing an audible and visual caution. If the brakes are not occupied, they will be partly applied, yet fully braking if essential. Looking forward to the Road Ahead, this optional system warns the driver of threat that may be hidden from the driver’s forward field-of-view. It not only holds the relative velocity and distance of a vehicle in a straight line ahead, but also of a vehicle that is actually in front of the previous one. To ensure maximum security every vehicle is continually protected by an alarm and engine immobilizer. Luxurious materials, comfortable seating, dual zone air conditioning, a number of power features ,quality sound and driver centric elements ,multiple USB ports, satellite radio, adaptive headlights, ergonomic seating, premium leather, Bluetooth connectivity and LCD control monitors are some of its features. 

Popular Models 

Popular models are :Infiniti Q30, Infiniti Q50 (Q50 2.0t Pure, 2.0t Luxe, 3.0t Luxe, 3.0t Sport, Red Sport 400, Hybrid), Infiniti Q60 (Q60 2.0t Pure, 2.0t Luxe, 3.0t Luxe, 3.0t Sport, Red Sport 400), Infiniti Q70 (M25, M30d, M35h, M37/M37x AWD and M56/M56x AWD variations, all sedans), Infiniti QX30 (Base, Luxury, Premium, and Sport), Infiniti QX50 (EX30d and EX37 in Europe), Infiniti QX60 (3.5, Hybrid variant discontinued), Infiniti QX80 (SUV), QX56, QX4 SUV, Infiniti G35x, M30d,  Q70, QX56. 


The most fun to drive vehicles with solid, reliable and great engines that are easy to maintain. It is a consistent premium brand that provides the best of luxury, latest technology and design .Cars with revolutionary engineering, comfort providing, a good performance, fuel efficiency and reliability.