To highlight the importance of road safety Careem Pakistan join hands with Traffic Police for the safety of people and special focus on bike riders and they also distribute the free helmet on this occasion and aware people about the safety of the road.

The road accident rises day by day in the Pakistan and most of the accident case occur due to the reason of not wearing helmet. The biggest reason of accidental death is the motorbike riders because if you are not wearing helmet while bike riding your head is not saved.

Th popular ride hailing company Careem Pakistan started this cam;aign to rise this issue to wear helmet and save yourself from road accident. Now Careem Pakistan started this campaign in the biggest cities of Pakistan Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi. Careem started this campaign with the slogan of “Sar Bachao, Jaan Bachao” which means save your head, save your live.

Road Safety Campaign Careem Join Hands With Traffic Police!

Every year 15000 people of Pakistan die because of the reason of road accident and this is surprised news for us that the 50% of accident rise because of riding bike without wearing helmet and its show that the people have not clear awareness about the road safety. All we know that the head injury is very sensitive case. Wearing helmet while bike riding is not only important for the rider of the motor bike but its also important for the pillion passenger because in case of motor bike accident both are face equal injury so both are compulsory to wear helmet.

Road Safety Campaign Careem Join Hands With Traffic Police!

From the last year Traffic Police also take stick action against the Motor Bike riders who are not wearing helmet. The basic purpose of starting these campaigns is to aware people about the safety of the road and maintain the discipline of the road. everyone knows that the road safety is very important for everyone and its compulsory on everyone to follow the law and rules and in 1965 state clear instruction that the helmet wearing is compulsory for both the rider and the pillion passenger.

On the occasion of joining hand with Traffic Police The managing director of Careem Pakistan said that it’s a pleasure for us to highlight the helmet wearing campaign with Traffic Police and this will be held on long time. He also said that the safety of people is always our first priority and we take these steps to ensure that everyone is save on the road. Lives are most important than any other thing.

Road Safety Campaign Careem Join Hands With Traffic Police!

Muhammad Amir Zulfiqar Khan the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Islamabad was very thank full to the Careem Pakistan for contribute their part in this helmet wearing awareness campaign.