Punjab Safe City Authority has decided to introduce a separate motorbike line in Lahore. The basic purpose to create a separate line for motorbikes is to control the traffic and reduce congestion.

PSCA take this step to ensure traffic follow in the city motorbikes are the main reason to create rush on the road and it is also a big reason for road accidents. In Lahore separate line for motorbikes has created on Mall Road and Canal Road. PSCA gives strict orders to Traffic Police if any motorbike person did not follow the rule PSCA send e-challan against this. In Punjab motorbikes, riders are over then Cars and that’s why the separate line for motorbikes is very important to control congestion of bikes on roads. Most of the youngest use motorbikes to overtake the other vehicle and in this situation, they forget that drive on the road and this may cause to occur road accident. PSCA issues thousands of e-challan in this year to control the traffic follow on the road.

The purpose of introduced these policies to ensure that the traffic issues and road accidents issues control and make a safe road system in every city. PSCA introduced new policies and work hard to teach everyone to drive on the road under the rules.