The government has star taking against vehicle tax defaulter. The people who are not paying the tax of their vehicle are not allowed to hit the vehicle on the road. The minister of Excise and Taxation Mukesh Kumar Chawla has said that road checking campaign has been started and the government takes stick action against vehicle tax defaulter. In his meeting on Monday, he passed this order to start this campaign from Tuesday till 15th January. This campaign has started to control the unbalances system for this campaign Excise and Taxation department has generated eleven team members and fix their duty on the main roads of Sindh Mazar-e-Qaid, Sharae Quid, Muslimabad, Gulistan School, Kharadar, Kemari, Queens road etc.

The minister of Excise and Taxation direct the staff to wear the uniform and fulfill their responsibilities clearly he also said that there is no hard punishment for vehicle tax defaulters if they pay their tax government did not give them any punishment. This is a 7 days campaign start from 9th January to 15th January. Sindh government open all roads and check every vehicle.