When you getting up in the morning to go to work and sitting in the car and see that your car battery is dead. This is very bad news for the early morning and you find help to charge your car’s battery and no one here for your help in the early morning. Don’t worry about this now you can easily help yourself to charge your car battery. Many of the reasons happened to dead your car’s battery, leaving your parking lights on to forgetting to switch off your car’s radio.

Now you can help yourself to follow the simple tips and no need to find anybody for the help even you are on the road or anywhere you can help yourself with these simple tips.

Steps To Jump-Start A Car With A Dead Battery-Autodeals.pk

Jumping a car’s battery is not too difficult to find others to help you, I think everyone should know how to jump-start the car battery because it is very easy. But many of people don’t know how to jump-start a dead car battery that’s why they face problems when they need help other because everyone is busy with their own life so try to do it by yourself and learn that how to do it by yourself and I am sure when you learn how to do it you will be surprised that it is very easy process.

Choose the right jumper cables

You can easily buy jumper cables from any electronics shop it is not difficult to select a jumper cable and its not expensive, jumper cables available in different size 10 to 20 feet length size available in jumper cable. Most of the people think that the large cables more helpful than the small cables but in real large cables provide convenience because they may lose power as the longer as the longer the cable.


Before doing any basic maintenance of your car you should save yourself and be care full that small children’s will not be standing near your car. If you have no giddiness about the maintenance of your car don’t touch anything because it may be dangerous for your car and also for yourself call the nearest car maintenance shop to solve the issue don’t take any risk against your health.


Use these simple steps to recharge your battery by yourself.


  1. It’s good to buy a set of jumper cables and keep them in your car. First, you should clean off the terminal if they are dirty and also unplug any unnecessary device from your car.
  2. Park both cars close together, place cars on a park or neutral, must shut off the ignition in both cars and make sure the parking brake is engaged.
  3. Attach the red cables to the positive terminal on the dead battery. To identify the terminal the terminal may say “POS” or “+” sign to help you.
  4. Attach the other red cable to the charge car’s positive terminal.
  5. Attach one of the black cables to the negative terminal that sign is “NEG” or “- “.
  6. Attach the black clip to an unpainted metal surface under your hood that is far from the battery. This will ground the circuit and stop sparking.
  7. Start the working car and running it for a few minutes. If your battery is too dead then you need to run more the working car.
  8. Start your vehicle if it’s not working then charge it more with a working vehicle.
  9. When your vehicle start doesn’t turn it off first remove the cables in the reverse order that you put them on.
  10. Drive your car for 15 to 30 minutes to make sure that your battery gets charged up.

    Steps To Jump-Start A Car With A Dead Battery-Autodeals.pk