Suzuki Mehran has been one more time-honoured with the title of the ‘King of Roads’. They have been enjoying this title for over two decades! They are becoming one of the high demanding inside the marketplaces for the reason of giving out the affordable cars to the automotive market. It would not be wrong to say that there is something about the Mehran which has been associated with many memories from our childhood.

Suzuki Mehran Wins The Best Car Award Based On The Cost Of Ownership In Pakistan

Suzuki Mehran as Affordable & Economical:

In the year 1989 for the very first time, Suzuki Mehran arrived inside the local market. It was mentioned to be known as the second generation of the Suzuki Alto. It did have the price of around Rs. 90,000. At that time and just as over the years, it remained the most affordable car for the sake of the common man.

It has been added with the 800cc carburettor engine and basic leaf-spring rear suspension setup. Hence all in all Mehran was the most comfortable vehicle to maintain. This is for the main reason that it did rule the hearts of many and became the perfect economical package. Currently, inside the world of the age of technological revolution, the demand for advanced technology and latest features have been on the whole exceeded as which the Mehran dreadfully lacks. The fact is primarily on the timeline that the Mehran has not seen any of the significant changes from the time it was launched some 27 years ago. In the last three decades, the category of the electronic fuel injection can be considered to be the only technological advancement the car has been undergone. Some minor amendments regarding the exterior and interior were made though like variations of headlamps and so as the bumpers and a radiator grill too. Well, still we would say that despite it being behind regarding technology and features, the Suzuki Mehran is always declared as being The Best Car’ even in 2018 based on the cost of ownership.

In the survey, so many of the voters responded to Suzuki Mehran for being the ‘the best car in Pakistan regarding the basis of Cost of Ownership?’. Toyota Aqua was hence followed as ‘best-imported car in Pakistan’ that was based on the cost of ownership. This survey was hence filled by 19,155 individuals across Pakistan. It covered all the different range of the aspects of the automotive industry adding on with the driving behaviour, favorite cars, plus the public spending habits and their behaviours. In the end, Suzuki Mehran and crowned it as the best car based on the cost of ownership in local category whereas straight away in the imported category people preferred Toyota Aqua.

Why Is Suzuki Mehran Still Popular in Pakistan?

Pak Suzuki came up with the launch of the first generation of Mehran in the country in 1989 and introduced the second generation in the yeat 2012 with EFI engine. In 2017, Pak Suzuki sold on with the 42,985 units, by far making it the top-selling hatchback. Mehran comes in the categories of the two variants VX and VXR. It becomes high in demand as by the price, fuel efficiency, and the spare parts availability, plus the cost of ownership.