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Tata Daewoo

About Daewoo

Today, General Motors Co. manufactures Daewoo cars .They acquired the South Korean conglomerate Daewoo Industries in 2001 following its bankruptcy in 1997 Asian market crisis. Primarily the Daewoo brand cars were produced by the Daewoo Motors Co. founded in 1983. Daewoo swiftly became very popular owing to its cars that were fuel efficient and powerful at the same time. At the altitude of its powers, Daewoo Motors Co. was one of the biggest automobile manufacturers in Asia. Still today most of the Daewoo designs are being created and marketed by General Motors under other names.

Performance and Technology of Daewoo

Daewoo Motors was established in 1937 and was at that time known as National Motors. It is hence the oldest South Korean automotive brand. Daewoo also has a very deep history of collaboration with General Motors Co. Daewoo initiated manufacturing in collaboration with General Motors Co. in 1976. Daewoo vehicles consequently are a blend of Asian aesthetics and European comfort. Daewoo cars are likewise known for their roomy interior and powerful engines as for their high fuel efficiency and pleasant to the eye design.

Popular Models

Daewoo put forth several popular models over the years which stood out to be instant customer favorites both at the local and export markets. Daewoo formed a wide range of automobiles counting cars, trucks, jeeps and pickups. The most well-liked models however are the models designed for urban usage. The models are :Espero – Aranos (1990–1997),Kalos – Gentra/Gentra X T200-T250 (2002–present),Lacetti J200 (2003–2009),Lacetti Premiere J300 (2008–present),Lanos T100 (1996–present),Leganza V100 (1997–2002),Magnus – Evanda V200 (2000–2006),Matiz M100-M150-M200 (1998–present),Matiz Creative M300 (2009–present),The U100 Daewoo Rezzo, Nubira J100 (1997–2003),Tacuma – Rezzo U100 (2000–2008),Tosca V250 (2006–2011),Winstorm C100 (2006–present),Winstorm MaXX C100 (2008–present)

Availability in Pakistan

The Daewoo cars have an exacting history in Pakistani context. In the early nineties, the Government of Pakistan gave an enormous contract to build the country’s first motorway from Lahore to Islamabad to the Daewoo conglomerate. In combination with this agreement, the Pakistani government imported thousands of Daewoo cars to relaunch the Pakistani economy and with the intention of starting a massive employment scheme. The Daewoo brand is consequently very well known to the Pakistani public.The spare parts and after sales services is readily available in all the big Pakistani cities.

Final statement

Daewoo cars provide an unbelievable fuel economy with compact and easy to drive on road. There is no time wastage in maintenance and provides value for money .They have a great style and are spacious.