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Tata Jaguar

About Jaguar

Jaguar is a British brand of luxury and sports cars produced by the multinational car manufacturer, Jaguar Land Rover. In 2008, Indian Car Company Tata Motors purchased the controlling stake of the company.This brand has traditionally been known for its elegant styling and sporting performance, traits synonymous with old-world British luxury. Although its owner has changed, the traditional English refinement of the Jaguar is still present in its vehicles today.

Short history

Jaguar at first started as the Swallow Sidecar Company which was founded by Bill Lyons and William Walmsley in 1922. The company producing a line of Aluminum motorcycle sidecars prior to coming into automobile manufacturing under SS Cars in 1933. During the 1960s, the brand was habituated by pop culture icons for example the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, who once owned Jaguar car models.

Technology And Performance

Jaguar has world-class expertise in Aluminium technology that allows building lighter, more efficient and more responsive cars with a 50:50 weight distribution. When it comes to active safety, which minimizes the danger of accidents taking place in the first place, the cars are equipped with some of the most progressive features. Features like Blind Spot Monitor: a system that uses radar sensors to prepare the driver to any vehicle hidden in the blind spot. To ensure maximum security every vehicle is continually protected by an alarm and engine immobilizer.

For future, Jaguar is currently developing prospective technologies that include: predictive gesture and voice control activation; Laser Referencing, which can project warning images onto the road to be seen by the driver and other road users; and semi-autonomous driving systems to get rid of driver error and make roads safer. Innovations comprises of “soft landing” technology, that detects the size and weight of the front seat passengers and adjusts airbag contact consequently; anti-whiplash systems, which move the head restraints forward to support the neck in the event of a crash; and InControl Protect system that can automatically send out an SOS Emergency Call to fetch relevant services to your exact location in the event of a critical situation.

Popular Models

Some of the all time popular Jaguar models are: Jaguar F-Type, Jaguar XE, Jaguar XF, Jaguar XJ, Jaguar -R models, Jaguar XFR 510 hp (380 kW) mid-size saloon, Jaguar XKR  510 hp (380 kW) coupé and cabriolet, Jaguar XFR-S  550 hp (410 kW) mid-size saloon, Jaguar XKR-S  550 hp (410 kW) coupé and cabriolet, Jaguar XJR, Jaguar F-Type R  550 hp (410 kW) coupé,Jaguar XK,


Jaguar has a pretty impressive line-up of luxury cars. Actually, these cars presents what customers want most: luxury, fuel economy, technology, safety and outstanding performance. Jaguar cars have ground-breaking design, together with dramatic interiors and stunning exteriors. With distinctive lines, graceful interiors and advanced Aluminium construction, Jaguar cars make the ideal choice for any business.