Tesla has come about with the launch of the major software update ‘version 9.0’ that is now set for a release in August. This will, on the whole, including the first ‘full self-driving features’ for the sake of the Autopilot 2.0 vehicles. This has been mentioned to be one of the Tesla’s most significant over-the-air software update at the time. It featured out with the medium of user interface refresh, a few new features, and also with the several improvements related to Autopilot. It was around two years later, and it was undertaken that the Version 9.0 is also going to bring about with the similar important update to Tesla’s software.

Tesla’s Next Software Update Will Bring Full Self-Driving Functionality

Main features of Tesla Version 9.0:

  • It has been all added on with the characteristics of the Autopilot improvements and so as with the full range of the dashboard updates. The latest Enhanced Autopilot rolling update has been on the whole improved auto-steering, all along with the summon feature, lane changing, warning notifications, and so as with the other auto features for cruise control.
  • It would also be offering you with the braking, high beams, parking, and speed control.
  • It would also be able to contain a bunch of improvements to the existing Autopilot technology. This has been all revealed by the CEO Elon Musk.
  • The company had previously notably brought Version 8.0 back in 2016. The news is coming all the way as in the midst of several investigations into the role of Tesla’s current Autopilot.
  • This would be brought about with the features of the Model X crashed and fatality, all along with the Model S crash.

It is to be mentioned that the arrival of “full self-driving” features doesn’t mean that Tesla cars will offer a complete autonomous driving experience.

  • This improved and enhanced version of the Autopilot is available for Autopilot 2.0 vehicles under the cost of $5,000 package. Tesla has also been also added with the $3,000 package to enable ‘Full Self-Driving Capability.’, on the whole, the currently available functionality is depending all upon with the range of the extensive software validation and so as with the regulatory approval.
  • It would not be wrong to say that this new version of the software version is all aiming to enhance the existing Enhanced Autopilot mode. This can bring about with some of the major crashes in the past.
  • One of the fatal crashes would happen to take place on US Highway 101 near Mountain View. This did bring the limitations of the Autopilot into the limelight. It also brings about the rise into the questions as about the semi-autonomous system that is available on Tesla vehicles as since the release of Model S back in October 2014.