Now a day’s ride hailing service become more popular because of its door to door pick and drop. People are using these services for the comfortable and time saving. The reason behind the increase demand of these ride hailing service is that its reasonable for everyone and its provide you pick and drop on your door step. But with the passage of time there are some issue arise in the ride haling service.

Some people take negative benefit using the name of the ride haling service company. According to the survey 25 to 30 % women are not satisfied from this service and they said they are unsafe.

Here are some simple tips to save yourself during the ride:

Check the driver details

After conform your ride first check all the details about your drive that were given in the rider profile. Check all the details about your driver vehicle name, license plate number. This will help you check where your driver from and when he came at your pick-up point before sitting in the car confirm all the details that were given in your app about the driver. Do not sit any car without match the no plate with selected driver because its very risky and will drop you in trouble first confirm all the details and then sit carefully.

Check the driver’s rating

Tips To Safe Yourself While Using A Ride Hailing Service-

When the driver accepts your ride every detail about the driver given in your app and you can easily check everything about your driver. Check the rating of your driver that will show the behavior and reputation of the driver. If you are not satisfied from your driver rating cancel the ride without wasting time and searching another driver.

Update your riding status with your loved ones

Here is a option in the app that you can share your riding status with your loved ones and he or she can easily watch your ride on the mobile. This is a very helpful and simple trick to find you if you face any trouble during the ride. Share your trip status and be relax about the ride and if you are not comfortable with your driver cancel the trip and said him to end your ride do not take risk and do not trust if you are not comfortable.

Try to not ride alone on the dark road

If you are not feeling well or confuse about the destination try to not ride alone on the dark. Try to not travel alone especially on the dark road if it is very important then travel along with your friend or family member and sit confidently in the car do not lose your confidence in front of driver. Before start the ride check the door lock of the car if the door open without driver command then sit in the car and if your driver is not follow your destination first told him to stop the car and if he is not stop the car and it is better for you to open the door and jumped from the car.