Pakistan’s largest auto manufacture company Toyota Indus Motor Company (IMC) is all set to launch its 6th generation of Hiace in Pakistan, in February 2019 Toyota launched this model in the Philippines.

In Pakistan Toyota, Indus Motor Company manufacture Toyota local vehicles and have a big and trusted value in the market. Toyota company have the aim to provide a high-class vehicle in the worldwide and make a trustable relation with its consumers. All the time the company introduces its vehicle in the market is always a caught eye of its consumers and satisfied their customers with the quality of the vehicle.

Company has not confirmed the exact date of launching 6th generation of Toyota Hiace in Pakistan company launch the new model of Hiace with the tagline “ Discover the Unreachable” the tagline suggest that the vehicle comes with advanced features for the consumers and give the comfortable ride.

Toyota Launched Hiace 6th Generation in Pakistan-

According to the details, the company improves the quality of this passenger vehicle as compared to the predecessor in the market. The company sure about the 6th generation of Toyota Hiace will satisfy the passenger and reach their destination never before. All we know that Toyota has a big name in the vehicle production market just because the company always stable the rates and the level of vehicle and never disappoint their consumers. The company promised to provide the best quality vehicle to its consumers and they always remember this whenever launch its vehicle. The local production of Toyota vehicle is also producing a good quality vehicle that’s the name of the company is on high demand in the market.

Toyota Launched Hiace 6th Generation in Pakistan-

The new model of Toyota Hiace is similar to the global variant of Van. This passenger vehicle is comfortable for a long drive and better for the family picnic plans. This vehicle has 17 passengers seats and all seats are comfortable and relaxed. Hiace is famous because of its light commercial Van and this small car is comfortable for a passenger to spend long ride with this vehicle. The vehicle is comfortable for the long tour and has the capacity to carry a needed material on the tour. Mostly this type of vehicles used for the tour because these vehicles are comfortable for passengers to sit relax. See below the global model’s dimension as compared to the older version:

Toyota Launched Hiace 6th Generation in Pakistan-

The Global variants are introduced with 29 seating capacity and the shape of global variants is bonnet and its first-time company launch this shape the new shape of the global variant will help to fit properly. The other great news about the global variant is it has two types of the engine the one 2.8 liters 4-cylinder turbo-diesel engine and the other one is 3.5-liter V6 petrol engine. Both variants have 6-speed automatic and manual transmission.

The local manufacture hiace is not so bad or down its also a good vehicle and high demand in the market because of its quality no doubt the imported vehicles are more reliable then but for the local automobile industry Toyota is a big challenge for every new entrant in the market. The 5th generation of Toyota Hiace has three variants standard, mid-range, and high-roof model. all three variants have 2.5-liter diesel and 2.7-liter petrol engine and for the local industry, this is more than. All three variants available in the market with different prices the standard variants of Hiace 5th generation available at Rs. 4.427 million and the as the variants go up the price increase the Hi-roof model of Hiace is currently available at price Rs. 5.775million. The prices of 5th generation show that the 6th generation price starts from 5 million and as the variants up the price are also go up around Rs.6 million.

However, we will hope that the 6th generation will complete the demand of its consumers and introduced the latest design and features for its consumers.