If you want to wish out traveling to China, then get ready because Government of Pakistan is launching with the exclusive bus service from Lahore, Pakistan to Tashkurgan, China from November 3rd, 2018. As per according to the details, the North-South Transport Network Private Limited will be handling on with all the set of operations and is the authorized operator in place of Pakistan. This will be the complete 30 hours of the long trip that will start from Lahore and will end in the area of Tashkurgan. The booking has already begun, and the one-way trip ticket is PKR 13,000 per passenger whereas the timeline of the return ticket will cost you around the range of PKR 23,000.

Introduction about China Pak Bus Service:

The Bus Service for the China-Pak Economic Corridor (CPEC) was officially launched on Saturday. The service is known by the name of CPEC Passenger Bus Service (Pakistan-China) that will be starting with the operations from November 3rd. CEO, Muhammad Anwar has stated in the media interaction that this will be the 30-hour long trip. The access of cameras has also been placed inside the bus to ensure away with the security of the passengers.

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Schedule of Pak China Bus Service:

The schedule of this bus service will be run away for four days a week from Lahore to Tashkurgan. The days setting is as mentioned below:

  • Departure from Lahore: Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday
  • Departure from Tashkurgan: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday


Features of Pak China Bus service:

As per by the itinerary, passengers can on the whole book their seats either from the cities of Lahore or Rawalpindi and Islamabad. It offers with the superior and premium buses. It will attend you with the happy medium of the journey. The route services will bring the services of breakfast, lunch, dinner refreshment beverages, as well as tea, and snacks. There is also the feature of fast Wi-Fi throughout the journey

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Details of Itinerary: Lahore to Tashkurgan

  • Departure: From Lahore: 12:00am
  • Stopover1: 04:00am – Islamabad/Rawalpindi (pickup)
  • Stopover2: 07:00 am – Mansehra (breakfast)
  • Stopover3: 01:00pm – Besham (lunch)
  • Stopover4: 04:00pm – Chelas (tea)
  • Stopover5: 08:00 pm – Gilgit (dinner)
  • Stopover6: 02:0am – Post (custom, immigration & breakfast)
  • Stopover7: 12:00 pm – Khunjerab Pass, Pakistan side (checking)
  • Stopover8: 12:30 pm – Khunjerab Pass, China side (checking)
  • Arrival: 03:00pm – Tashkugran County (drop-off)

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Information of Itinerary: Tashkurgan to Lahore:

  • Departure: From Tashkurgan: 11:00am
  • Stopover1: 01:00 pm – Khunjerab Pass, China side (checking)
  • Stopover2: 01:30 pm – Khunjerab Pass, Pakistan side (checking)
  • Stopover3: 03:00pm – Sost border (custom, immigration & lunch)
  • Stopover4: 09:00pm – Gilgit (dinner)
  • Stopover5: 01:00am – Chelas (refreshment)
  • Stopover6: 06:0am – Besham (breakfast)
  • Stopover7: 09:00 am – Mansehra (refreshment)
  • Stopover8: 12:00pm – Islamabad/Rawalpindi (lunch & drop-off 1)
  • Arrival: 07:00pm – Lahore (drop-off 2)
  • If you are in want to travel to China, then make sure that you have all the required documents for it. You should provide the legal passport as well as valid visa, NIC, and original invitation from China and also a ticket.

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So book your tickets now!