Uber has been all set in opening up with the Paris research centre regarding developing the flying cars. Uber will be coming up with the opening of the new Advanced Technology Center in Paris. It was all putting the primary focus on AI and its Uber Elevate program. It has been announced by the company just newly. It is to highlight that this research centre is known out to be the Uber’s first outside North America. It will open this fall and see a €20 million ($23.5 million) investment just as over the next five years.

Uber Opens Paris Research Centre To Develop Flying Cars

Information About Uber Paris Research Center:

The company has all come forward with the announcement of the 5-year research partnership with École Polytechnique. It is known as the prestigious engineering school based in Palaiseau, a suburb southwest of Paris. Their initial projects will also be stepping up to put the attention of the AI, aviation and all-electric transport. They do think that building upon with some of the future projects will be significant for the development of the city. It will require the best and brightest minds working together. The project will be taking into account with the world-class engineers and a leading role in global aviation. For the company, France is the perfect place to advance our Uber Elevate program and new technology initiatives. Uber has even shared their information with the NASA as an effort to explore the impact of flying taxi operations in urban environments.

Why is Paris the best Place for Uber Paris Research Center?

For the advancement of the project, Paris has been coming out as the perfect choice. The company has been facing over with much of the resistance from taxi groups as it has expanded across France. The government has even shut down with the low-cost UberPop service in the year 2015. It is all the more following widespread taxi protests that turned violent. Uber on a temporary basis has shut down service in Paris in the year 2016 to protest new government regulations. It has been all aimed at cracking down on top of the ride-hailing apps.

The new centre will be forward regarding joining the other Advanced Technologies Group hubs in Pittsburgh, Toronto, and San Francisco. The lab will be open in Fall that has been all staffed with the engineering, machine learning, and computer vision talent. Researchers will be putting the primary focus regarding the capabilities across airspace management, autonomy, as well as real-time communication networks, energy storage, and charging systems as well.

So much of the expectations knotted with the Uber research plan and their development on the international platform. Although the project has been facing some significant hurdles, many efforts are being made to start it off. In the coming few years, is expected around that the company would finally be emerging up with some new plans for the research lab establishment.