This has been all attending out to be one of the biggest and yet the splashiest camper van debuts of 2017. Now it is all heading to highways and byways. Volkswagen’s California XXL concept as it will officially give way to a Crafter-based production camper van at this year’s Düsseldorf Caravan Salon. This is such a big advancement being carried out as a slap to the exclamation point onto the anniversary celebrations as by introducing an all-new Crafter California. Its announcement of the launch has been all referring out with the production cannot as the California XXL but as a “Crafter-based camper.”

Volkswagen Makes Van Life Bigger With Production California XXL Camper Van





This XXL is coming out to be one of the greatest news for the anyone who is big fond of camper vans. It has the production version that will undoubtedly lose some of the creative features that made the California XXL concept such a hit. The portion of the chopping block has been adding on with the any or all of the slide-out bathroom extension, bedroom projection TV system, as well as retractable stove burners and smart home-like tablet control system, plus among other clever features. Whether the production version hence manages to retain enough all about the innovation to be more than just a bigger California remains to be seen.



Once again the Transporter California remains a camper van icon despite as being a fairly straightforward camper package. Hence the production camper layout will be positioned just as within the standard Crafter body as no extended upper rear bodywork. That is somehow actually a good move because that extended bodywork was one of the least attractive features of the concept that is all the eliminating the useful rear load doors and making the van look absolutely bloated.
The production van does retain on with the concept’s high roof and rear bed, so it is being revealed out that it will be the three- or four-sleeper with built-in roof bed. The loss of the extended body does mean out the fact that it will be coming out to be the cosy rear bedroom area will give way to a simpler convertible rear bed. It shows out with the central bed panel that can remove to open the aisle up as to be likely enough to load longer items like bicycles and surfboards through the means of the double doors that is the feature lacking on the rear door-less concept van.