The Electric-Car Boom has taken over the whole of the world in the last few years. They are merely coming all around to be the global drive towards finding eco-friendly commuting options that have pushed leading automakers to produce more Electric Vehicles (EVs) than ever before. There has been a high demand for the electric vehicles that are somehow increasing with every single day. This is all because of the effectiveness of EVs in improving the air quality by reducing the carbon footprint. Electric vehicles somehow hence generate power from electric batteries where they are witnessed to diminish the need for conventional fuel completely. Well, the acceptance of electric cars is growing steadily just as across the world where the sales figures for electric cars have continued to grow over the last few years.

When Will We See Electric Cars Running On Pakistan Roads

Know About Future of Electric Vehicles in Pakistan:

It is to be mentioned that the sales of the electric cars were surged past the 3 million mark last year, that do highlights the growing demand for electric vehicles worldwide. Despite the fact of the global market for electric cars that is increasing with every passing day, Pakistan is amongst the countries that have made little or no effort in taking on with the initiatives to promote sales of electric vehicles.

The new Automotive Policy 2016 is giving out the high rising opportunity for global electric car makers to launch their vehicles in Pakistan. But since there has been poor infrastructure and lack of awareness amongst consumers, the future of electric cars in Pakistan does not appear to be that much promising and much appreciated.

What are the Challenges of Future of Electric Vehicles in Pakistan:

The industry of electric vehicles is undergoing to face so many of the severe challenges in Pakistan. The major problem is definitely as regarding lack of awareness among ordinary car buyers as related with the advantages of EVs over the combustion engine vehicles. Some of the consumers in Pakistan are not much aware as about the absolute difference between the two, that is all because of the unfriendly government policies to promote the sales of EVs.

It is still to be known that if the demand for electric vehicles rises in Pakistan, it will affect the sales of these three automakers, that does not somehow seem to be happening. The shortfall of the electricity and lack of infrastructure are the primary reasons why Pakistan’s government is not even taking small steps in favour of boosting the scope of electric vehicles in the country.

Plus there has been lack of resolve in government’s strategies to promote the sales of electric vehicles. Pakistan’s two giant neighbours are mentioning with the names of India and China, are investing heavily in the electric car industry. They do have the big aim as where they do want to replace the traditional combustion engine vehicles with renewable energy based transport by 2040. This is all because of making an effort regarding improving the quality and standard of the electric cars.