In one of the survey there has been the range of spanning 10,000 respondents from across Pakistan who did found that when Pakistanis buy a car by considering the factors of the drive quality, fuel efficiency, comfort, as well as value for money and safety.

Why People Buy Imported 660cc Cars Over Locally Assembled Vehicle?



In one of the glance as through the website’s forums and so as the discussion pages shows that when it comes to locally assembled cars as the people do not necessarily get what they want and many car enthusiasts are very cynical about the quality of local cars. It is best on the terms as believing them to be grossly overpriced while having low fuel economy and occasionally, substandard parts.

These views were echoed in a consumer survey in the year 2011. The survey was mentioned to be the part of a report prepared by the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA) for the Engineering Development Board (EDB). This survey has showcase out that the car buyers wanted more durable vehicles with better interior components and so as the electrical parts, a reduction in price, better and in the range of the cheaper after sales service from authorised dealers and more choice in locally assembled cars. However, the general perception just as among consumers was that “used cars imported from Japan are witnessed to be in the better quality than new locally assembled cars. Despite all such kind of these perceptions and demands, there is little evidence to on the whole suggest that auto manufacturers are taking consumer feedback on top of the board and new car launches generally offer more style and less substance. Even as over the term of the car sales plummet and stagnate maximum of the auto makers choose to ignore legitimate consumer concerns and hence instead blame the import of used cars for low sales of locally assembled cars.
It has been investigated around that the used cars are not a threat as the problem is that manufacturers do not listen to customers and yet they are not willing to face reality.



This has been all put on the implication that if auto makers refuse to listen to customer demands, they will on the whole simply have to live with the fact that many people prefer to buy a Japanese assembled used car. Even though the category of the local auto industry is unwilling or hence also unable to produce cars that are in keeping with customer needs and demands. On other side, the same industry is making it more expensive for Pakistanis to buy imported used cars that meet their requirements and so as the demands. The result is that the consumer is on the whole the ultimate loser.

To gain a proper set of the insight into how the current situation arose, it is important enough as to first take a closer look at the auto industry and the context in which it has been operating away with.