Winters are approximately here. Its time to have a check on our car engines and maintenance to avoid any of the inconveniences.Coming to the driving, as the weather has swing, it is also important for us to alter some of our driving practices in order to embrace the weather conditions.Below are the main 5 general tips with the intention of making your journey safer this winter.

1.Winter tires

The primary safety measure one must take is to utilize winter tires. People in the Pakistan do not use winter tires and use summer tires in winter and compromise their safety. The winter tires not only provide more control to the car on roads but in addition present stability as well. The winter tire has additional groves called Sipes that assist the tire to crunch into the road and don’t let the car go unmanageable. The cause for pointing out winter at the top spot is that many people in Pakistan don’t know about winter tires and their significance.

2.Fog lights

For all time use fog lights in winter though driving. Particularly people residing in the northern areas of Pakistan should constantly use fog lights. The majority of the times accidents take place as the one who is driving the vehicle doesn’t use fog lights in bad weather and lights. Additionally, this time the cities are filled with excessive smog, so it is essential to use fog lights for your safety.

3.Over speeding:

One should on no account go above the board and speed up much in winter. Pursue the suggested speed by the authorities and stick to it.

4.Maintain fair distance from other vehicles:

Always sustain a fair amount of distance from the vehicles behind and ahead of you. As the roads are slippery in winters because of fog; your vehicle might not stop subsequent to applying the brakes, so it is essential to keep distance to keep away from any trouble.

5. If possible, avoid driving at night:

It is ok to drive at night in normal weather conditions. On the other hand, it is highly recommended, if possible, to avoid driving in extreme foggy nights.

Follow these tips and enjoy the chills of winter this year.What else are the precautionary measures you guys take in winters?Let us know in the comment section below.