Italian cars especially the specific type of sports cars and super luxury cars, relish a standing and status internationally for design and speediness. The Italian vehicle industry began in 1880’s when Enrico Bernardi constructed a tricycle car which used to drive on petrol and not on gas or any other form of fueling. In 1890s the very first authentic Italian car came into in to being. Three years well ahead, Giovanni Agnelli and his associates created Fiat and formed their leading model of the cars known today. Italy is currently one of the highest five automobile manufacturers in this world, and Fiat controls the business industry with above 90% of general assembly and production. In spite of the unsteady economic backdrop, the business industry still constantly conveys an assortment of gorgeous and powerful cars.

The contemporary top six Italian car producers are discussed as under:

1. Ferrari

Ferrari was originated in the year 1929 by the world famous Enzo Ferrari as the label of Scuderia Ferrari. Originally it was the competing racing team for the Alfa Romeo, up until the monetary restrictions enforced Alfa to take out their vehicles and cars in the year 1933. Ferrari contrived racing cars and funded the drivers before growing into the ever emerging line of their road vehicles marketplace in 1947. This transfer was made predominantly to fund its racing schemes, particularly in Formula One where it was extremely popular.
The first ever racing car of Ferrari was arrived in the 1940 Mille Miglia contest. Ferrari is by far the only club to take part in the completion in the Formula One World Championship constantly since its origination in 1950s.
Ferrari got in the road car marketplace in 1947. After a couple of years, it got into the majestic touring market, which mostly takes the credit for the making the majority of Ferrari’s sales. Ferrari has been licensing many goods under its brand name, products like apparel, eyewear, fragrances and cologne, wristwatches and bikes etc. The beautiful Ferrari arts center by the name of Galleria Ferrari, features a diverse range of displays that mark the company’s world famous accomplishments.
Enzo Ferrari expired in the year 1988, instigating the worth of both secondhand and latest model of Ferraris to increase.



2. Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo Automobiles was originated in the year 1910 in Milan. Originally called ALFA, the business was a branch of SAID, originated in 1906 by Frenchman Alexandre D and some other big Italian stakeholders. ALFA created its very first vehicle, the 24 HP and then after a year or so got into two cars in the Targa Florio motorized racing event. This instigated an extended association with the car racing.

Nicola Romeo acquired over in a key position and the firm ceased the car construction to building military hardware. The enterprise name was altered to Alfa Romeo. Mussolini confiscated the corporation in to build cars for the prosperous and wealthy, and afterwards the termination of the war, Alfa Romeo modernized and initiated mass-production of the small cars.

Alfa Romeo has successfully competed in many different types of motor racing, including Formula One, Grand Prix motor racing, sports car and touring car racing, and rallies. The company produced its first racing car in 1913, and won the inaugural Grand Prix world championship in 1925.

3. Fiat

Fiat (Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino) originated in 1899 by a set of very big venture capitalists. The corporation grew rapidly, and, after twenty-five or so years later, conquered the Italian automobile market. Fiat manufactures a variety of cars comprising of several different kinds of cars. Fiat has been winning the European Car of the Year award since twelve years now.

Fiat also has a substantial presence all over the world. The corporation has functioned to begin motor industries in numerous countries. Fiat-based cars are created in countries like Egypt, Argentina, Brazil, South Africa, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Korea.
Fiat has a major history of purchasing up its participants in the Italian car business. In 1967, it acquired Autobianchi, after two years it procured the governing benefits in Ferrari and Lancia. In the year 1986, Fiat attained Alfa Romeo, and in the year1993 it acquired, Maserati.

Therefore, Fiat is currently the biggest Italian car producer and the sixth largest car manufacturing concern in the world.
In 1979, the company spun off its various businesses into separate entities and became a holding company. Fiat is now a conglomerate, owning businesses in a wide variety of industries. Currently, it is Italy’s largest industrial organization.


4. Lamborghini

Automobili Lamborghini originated in 1963 by manufacturing tycoon Ferruccio Lamborghini.

Lamborghini is presently a participant in the vehicle manufacturing business, and over the years the company gained praise for their high-performance and trendy models. But after a period of inspiring evolution, the 1973 oil catastrophe gave overwhelming concerns about the company’s sales. In 1972, Lamborghini had traded the tractor business which was not performing that well to a rival corporation and discharged itself of 51% of Automobili Lamborghini, even though he sustained working at the plant. Then in the year1974, the man sold his residual stocks and strolled away from the firm he created.
Lamborghini sustained to weaken till it was acquired in 1998 by a subordinate company of the Volkswagen Group. In spite of foreign possession, Lamborghini continued to engage Italian engineers, for the introduction of the Silhouette, Jalpa, LM002, Diablo, Murciélago, Gallardo and Reventón.