After Pak Suzuki, Yamaha Pakistan motorbike manufacturer also increase the prices of its Bikes. Below are the updated motorbike price mentioned by Yamaha Pakistan:

Yamaha Pakistan Increase It’s Bikes Prices-

Furthermore, the company did not mention the reason behind the increasing prices of motorbikes. According to the recourse, there is only one reason these days that the prices of automotive products increase are just the devaluation of rupee value. The continuous devaluation of rupee value forced the auto manufacturers to increase the prices of its products because it is not possible for them to handle sales without it. The other reason for increasing prices of automotive products is the slow economic activities in the country. Here are the previous prices of Yamaha Pakistan Motorbikes:

Model Prices
YBR125G 149,500
YBR125 144,500
YBR125Z 127,500

The side of the car manufacturer, they are also increasing the prices of its cars because the rupee value falls down affect their sales and business.